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Where can we camp at night?

We strongly recommend you stay at a campground, holiday park or RV/caravan park. RV/caravan parks offer excellent recreational opportunities, plus essential shower and toilet facilities. Powered sites enable you to connect your vehicle to electricity.

In Australia and New Zealand, download the thl Roadtrip App from the App Store or Google Play.


What is the thl Roadtrip App?

If you are travelling with us, the thl Roadtrip App is your go-to before you travel and while you're on the road. Access handy tips from planning and preparation, what to expect at pick-up, a full show-through video of the camper you have booked and comprehensive on-the-road CamperHelp ‘how to’ videos. We guide you through preparing your camper for drop-off and finally, make it easy for you to go again – be it through renting or buying.

How will the app help you plan your roadtrip?

1. Find everything you need

The thl Roadtrip App displays your current GPS location then shows the nearest campsite and holiday parks, (free and paid), petrol station, free wifi, real-time road alerts, supermarkets, dump stations, public toilets, LPG filling stations, laundromats and in fact pretty much everything you need when you're on the road in Australia.


2. Watch the Show-through video of your camper

The thl Roadtrip App includes a full show-through video of your camper - showing you what it looks like and where to find everything. It's a requirement that you watch this video before you get here as it forms part of the pick-up process in the branch.


3. Watch the CamperHelp ‘How to’ Videos

We feature a bunch of useful 'CamperHelp' videos, showing you how to use the features of your camper - from plugging into power, to emptying the toilet cassette, setting up the dining tables and making the beds – you’ll be a pro in no time.


4. Plan your trip and book campgrounds and attractions directly in the app

Be organised and search along your planned itinerary route to pre-book campsites, holiday parks, attractions and experiences directly within the app.


5. Offline Content

One of the best features of the thl Roadtrip App is, no matter where you are, the maps work offline, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to be able to use the maps when you’re out of range, you just need to save them first. Perfect for itinerary planning when you are a bit more off the grid as Australia is big place with sometimes-limited mobile reception areas.

All videos within the app also feature the transcripts in different languages. We recommend you download these to your device before you leave to ensure you have access to them in case you do not have access to Wi-Fi or data connection on the road.


6. Join the conversation with other travellers

If you like reading user tips and feedback about places to stay and things to do, then the thl Roadtrip App will be super helpful for you. As a user of the app you are able to leave your own feedback and read others comments and recommendations - very handy if you are trying to decide where to stay for the night and you want to know which campground is more preferred by fellow roadtrippers.

Download for iPhone here or Android here.

*We are part of a collaborative project called GeoZone which aims to make it easier to travel responsibly by sharing facility locations, so if you find something not on the app, or if you find a location that's no longer there, you can submit it through the app and contribute to this awesome project.

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